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Warlord Games - Wednesday Newsletter

Warlord Games Wednesday newsletter...
Warlord Wednesday News & Hobby 18 January 2018
Vacancy: UK & European Events Co-ordinator:
Are you ready to join Warlord Games and develop our hobby as the UK & European Events Co-ordinator? We need you if you're passionate about the wargaming hobby, can work full time-based at our Nottingham HQ, have a clean driver's licence and are able to attend retail show events throughout the UK and Europe!
calling all freelance artists
Calling all Artists
Warlord is looking for freelance artists to help develop and illustrate our Beyond the Gates of Antares science fiction game, as well as help, provide box covers and book illustrations for our various games such as Blood Red Skies, Bolt Action, Hail Caesar, and future products...
US$ Store
US$ Store
UK£ Store
UK£ Store
Bolt Action Collection
1/56 StuG III Ausf G review
Stug III review:
Martyn from MilitaryModelling has written a review of our detailed Stug III plastic kit! 
Stug III ausf G or StuH-42 plastic box set
Stug III G
Opel Blitz/Maultier
Opel Blitz & Maultier
Bolt Action Unboxing: Opel Blitz & Maultier
Bolt Action Unboxing: Opel Blitz & Maultier:
The Beasts of War unbox another one of our Bolt Action vehicle sets, the German Open Blitz & Maultier!
Doctor Who Into the Time Vortex
Following on from our Dalek plastic sets, we are proud to announce Maximum Extermination! featuring two unique Dalek metal figures, the Special Weapons Dalek and the red Supreme Dalek. The set is finished off with a resin Genesis Ark! 
Davros & The New Dalek Empire
Davros vs Missy Bundle
Test of Honour Collection
Test of Honour Range Video
Test of Honour Range Video:
Since the launch of Test of Honour, we've continued to release new expansions and more for the game. Here is a video of some of the range!
Test of Honour - Samurai Game
Test of Honour Game
Test of Honour PDF Rulebook
FREE PDF Rulebook
Black Powder Collection
La Tete de Colonne
La Tete de Colonne:
Was there a more imposing sight upon the battlefields of Europe than a French column of infantry marching towards the enemy ranks?
Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Head of Column
Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Head of Column
Waterloo - Black Powder Starter Set
Waterloo - Black Powder Starter Set
Konflikt '47 collection
Konflikt 47 German Starter Set Unboxing
Konflikt 47 German Starter Set Unboxing:
HobbyMan has unboxed the Konflikt '47 German Starter Set...
German Konflikt '47 Starter Set
German Starter Set
British Konflikt '47 Starter Set
British Starter Set
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Warlord Games Open Day ticket 23rd June 2018
Warlord Games Open Day
Bolt Action Grand Tournament ticket
Bolt Action Grand Tournament

Coming Soon for Doctor Who...

Doctor Who Cybermen Displey Stand
All Warlord Games products are available from our online store or by calling +44 (0)115 978 4495. Our products ship worldwide.

Alternatively you can be all retro and actually write to us at:

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Raging Heroes - New Releases

The 'Daughters of the Orphanage' now available to pre-order from Raging Heroes...

Pre-order the Daughters Of The Orphanage now!
Shipping begins on January 18 + FREE French lesson ;)

The Fantasy Nuns with Guns out on Jan. 18!
Pre-order the Daughters Of  The Orphanage now
and practice 
your French accent... 

After the Sci-Fi Daughters of the Crucible, here are their Fantasy counterparts, the Daughters of the Orphanage.

These 10 different All-Stars Daughters are all available separately, but you can save 36% when you grab the Command Group and/or the Troops box, so check them out now!

In remembrance of French Chivalry, we chose to give them somewhat French-inspired names. In fact, most of these first names come from the plays of Molière.

Since most of these names might be hard to pronounce in languages other than French, we included a home-made English phonetic translation. A wee bit of practice and you'll have a definite edge at your Friendly Local Gaming Store when you start using your new French accent...

You may want to check out their absolutely unique Standard Bearer featuring Tim, Tam and Tom on their wooden horse. And get ready to be deafened by the Musician characterCook Gudrun Du Four with orphans who make noises one could call barely music to call everybody in for lunch and dinner.

Again, note that Shipping is FREE for orders over 60€ (about US$70 or 54£), and
you will get a FREE unreleased model for orders over 99€
Otherwise, shipping is 6.90€, or 11.90€ with tracking.
Pre-order your nuns now!

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MFBG Productions SARL
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Paris 75017

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